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Archive for March, 2009

Mar '09

Monday Morning Blues

Mondays are hard for many people.  We aren’t immune to it either.  Grace is in 1st grade.  We have to make sure that she doesn’t miss school.  So, on Sunday nights, we travel home after church.  Most times it isn’t a problem.  Last night we were in Austin, Texas.  It is about a four hour […]

Mar '09

Spring Flowers

I’ve heard from some of my friends in The Netherlands that spring is there.  I wish I was too!  One of the things I really miss about The Netherlands is all the flowers.  I remember going into Leiden and buying 30 tulips for 5 euros.  With the dollar like it is today, that would be […]

Mar '09

On the Road Again

After being in Arkansas for 10 days, Mike is back home.  He came just in time.  Today is our 10th anniversary.  In those 10 days, over 2,000 miles were put on his parents’ car.  It’s a long story, but we ended up having to borrow their car.  Thank you, Bonnie and Gary! On Sunday, we […]

Mar '09


This year, Grace is in the 1st grade in America.  She essentially finished that grade last year, but because her birthday is at the end of September, they wouldn’t budge on it.  So, besides doing her normal 1st grade homework, she’s been doing some extra work. We learned a while ago that Grace is highly […]