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Archive for April, 2009

Apr '09

The Countdown Begins

We have been in America since May 27.  Some days it seems like we’ve been here so long.  Other days it seems like we just got here.  We’re planning on going back to The Netherlands in the first week of August.  That’s really not that long.  So, I’ve found myself going through things and deciding […]

Apr '09

Only in Texas

While traveling, we see some really interesting things.  We travel mostly in Texas and Arkansas.  Since I’m an Arkansan, I’m often amused by the things you can find in Texas.  We’ve stayed at a few hotels where you can make yourself waffles for breakfast.  Only in Texas can you find them like these! On our […]

Apr '09

Another Sunday on the Road

This Sunday we were in North Little Rock and Harrison, Arkansas.  Both services were amazing!  In North Little Rock, we did the kids’ services on Saturday night and Sunday morning.   We’ve known the children’s pastor, Brian Dollar, for several years.  He writes curriculum for children’s ministry and blessed us so much!  He gave us […]