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Archive for May, 2009

May '09

A Whole Year

I can’t believe we’ve been in America for a year.  Sometimes it seems like it’s been less time than that; sometimes it seems longer.  Grace is nearly finished with her year at school.  First grade has been wonderful for her.  She’s also gotten to experience some things that she never has at school before like […]

May '09

Home Stretch

We are in our home stretch.  We have been in the US for almost one year.  We have traveled around 40,000 miles and been in 112 services and meetings.  We have preached, spoken to small groups, done family services, and done a few kids’ services.  We have enjoyed it very much and have enjoyed seeing friends and […]

May '09

Distance is Relative

On Saturday, we were at a birthday party for some friends’ son.  Friends there asked us where we would be on Sunday.  We answered, “Godley and Corinth.”  No one really knew where Godley was, so we kind of explained and said that it was about a 1 1/2 hour to 2 hour drive.  They asked […]