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Archive for September, 2009

Sep '09

A New/Old Job

In the past, American missionaries have taught English Composition at Azusa, the Bible school here.  They aren’t in the country at the time, so I was asked to teach it for the time being.  I taught junior high school English when we lived in America, so this isn’t totally out of the normal for me. […]

Sep '09

Christmas in September

After having to have our things go through customs, we were really happy to have our things arrive in The Netherlands.  It seems like it’s been so long since we shipped it from America that I had forgotten many of the things we packed.  That’s why it felt a little like Christmas today. We had […]

Sep '09

Busy Weekend

On Friday and Saturday, Mike attended a leaders’ weekend here in The Netherlands.  He had a wonderful time and got to reconnect with many people who work with the VPE, the church organization we work with. On Sunday morning, we led a family Sunday at ICL, the International Church of Leiden.  It was so great […]