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Apr '18

Our Reality

First of all, I should apologize for not writing here more often.  To say that our lives have changed is a bit of an understatement.  Since being back in the States, we have been trying to get Samuel accessed for autism.  I had made doctor appointments while we were still living in The Netherlands.  We […]

Aug '17

Settling In

We got to America on July 10, nearly 12 years to the day from when we moved to The Netherlands.  In the first few weeks, we were able to see family but also had to take care of quite a few things.  For example, we had to sign on the apartment we would rent.  (We […]

Jul '17

We’re Moving

For a while now, we have been feeling that a change was coming in our ministry.  We just didn’t know what it would be.  We have been here in The Netherlands for 12 years, and our kids club is going really well. On a Monday morning a few months ago, I had a meeting with […]

Mar '17

Catching Up

Looking back on our website, I realize that I am WAY behind in posting anything.  So, it’s time to play catch up.  We started our kids club again in the autumn, and it’s continuing to go very well.  We’re reaching new kids and have several parents who stay for the entire thing as well.  We’ve […]

Jul '16

High School Bound

Today marked Grace’s official last day of middle school.  How is it possible that the little girl who moved to The Netherlands when she was three-years old is now a high school student?! People often ask us what her school is like and what classes she takes.  In some ways, it’s similar to her American […]

May '16

When do you find time to…

Yes, I am WAY behind on blogging anything.  What can I say? Life has been very busy lately.  We have been busy with Fundag, our kids club.  It meets once a month, and we’re really excited about the future.  As far as our church goes, we’re still over family ministry – everything from birth through […]

Jan '16

Driving and Diplomas

A few months ago, I had to take several Dutch tests given by a government department.  If you can’t pass the tests, you eventually will not be able to stay in the country.  The tests are reading, writing, listening, speaking and culture.  I thought that my diploma from the university in Leiden (Dutch Studies program) […]

Dec '15

Prettige Kerstdagen

Today is 23 December.  All of the craziness of Christmas preparation and services is over for us.  We had two weekends in a row with Fundag (Funday), our kids club.  One was a normal day (on the 12th), and the following week, we had a special Christmas party for the kids and invited their parents […]

Oct '15

The Puppet Lady

Earlier this week, Mike’s Aunt Fredda passed away.  In many people’s lives, there are some who have a great influence.  Fredda was definitely that!  Fredda ran House of Puppetry for many years, and she was known as The Puppet Lady.  She handmade puppets and probably gave more of them away than she tried to sell.  Missionaries […]

Sep '15

First Fundag Is in the Books

We had our first kids club, Fundag, happened today.  We got there and set everything up.  Grace asked us this morning how many kids would come.  We had no idea.  We knew that there would be kids from our church, but they were also inviting friends, and we had invited many people in the neighborhood. […]