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Aug '13

A Foot in Two Worlds

We’ve been back in the States for a little over three months.  Sometimes it feels like it’s been longer, and sometimes it feels like it hasn’t been that long.  There are many days that we miss so much about The Netherlands!  Practically every dog that I see makes me sad and miss our crazy little Boomer.  The other day, I was looking at old pictures and nearly broke down when I saw him.  We’ve had him for seven years; he’s definitely a part of our lives.

Who wouldn't miss that face?

Who wouldn’t miss that face?

I would say that people are what we miss the most from The Netherlands.  I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again.  Wherever we are, we’ve left someone behind.  It’s never easy.  I don’t know about Mike and Grace, but I also miss the cooler weather.  The heat here is a bit too much.  I really miss sitting outside enjoying the day and a cup of tea with a good book.  I have to believe that we’ll have weather soon when I can do that here.

So, what do you do when you miss another place?  You try to recreate what you had a bit.  I’ve taken to drying my clothes outside, which makes me sound like a hippy here in Texas and normal in The Netherlands.  I knew that it wouldn’t take long to dry clothes since it’s still so hot here, and I was right.  It took about 2 hours, and they were completely dry.

Drying laundry outside

Drying laundry outside

I decided to have a bit of the best of both worlds too.  I love a good cup of tea with a little milk.  Yes, I brought my favorite brand, Yorkshire Gold, with me from Europe to Texas.  I’ve still got plenty, thank goodness.  I have some every day, but I have to wait until I’ve been inside for a while, or the hot drink in the heat would be just a bit too much.

A cuppa in Plano (only in air conditioning)

A cuppa in Plano (only in air conditioning)

This week, Grace started 6th grade here in America.  It was quite an adjustment.

Grace's first day of 6th grade

Grace’s first day of 6th grade

First of all, she has seven classes per day and is responsible for getting to them by herself and on time.  In her elementary school in The Netherlands, if they had to go to a different class, the teacher came and got them. Her entire school in The Netherlands had about 150 students.  Her 6th grade class here alone has 300 students.  She’s also had to contend with lockers, which can be fun. Grace was also pretty stressed because she didn’t really know anyone at the school, and the kids who were coming from different elementary schools at least knew a few people. She’s really missing being at school with her friends in The Netherlands.  We’ve been relying heavily on God during this transition.  We’ve done things like making T-charts listing good and bad things about moving and starting school.

Good and Bad lists

Good and Bad lists

God has really helped us through it all, and our verse of the week pretty much sums it up for us. (Grace was kind enough to decorate the board for me.)

Our verse of the week

Our verse of the week

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