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Jul '12

A Season of Lasts and Firsts

The moving process continues.  We’ve gotten all the paperwork in to be able to rent the house that we want.  That means that we should be able to sign a contract on Monday or Tuesday.  They have people doing renovations, so we’re not able to move immediately.  We’re busy with packing and taking care of other things while we wait.  One thing we were needing is a new couch.  Ours has what I call the “sink hole.”  So, we decided to also downsize a bit.  When we moved here, we brought our big, American furniture.  While it would work in a bigger American home, it’s made our house very full and difficult to get around.

A friend took me to a furniture store here in The Netherlands that has new, used and antique furniture.  We’re giving them quite a few pieces of furniture today.  They will take it and give us a percentage if it sells.  They’re also bringing what we bought from them.  I’m excited to have the new things and have space to move around a little.

So, Grace has spent the last night in the bed she has had since she was three years old.  Today at lunch, we ate our last meal at our table.  It’s been the only one that Grace has ever known.  Tomorrow is the last day for iChurch Hoofddorp to meet in our friends’ house.  The next time we meet, it will be in our new house.  Instead of being sad, we’re excited about all the changes.  In fact, tonight, after our new table is delivered, we’re having people over dinner.  We have people over for meals pretty often, but this will be the first at the new table.

The whole process has definitely reminded me to not focus on things. I can’t think of much in my house that I would be devastated to lose except maybe pictures and memory boxes. Everything else is just stuff and can be replaced or might not even be needed at all.  When we moved here and were waiting on our things to come from America, our neighbors lent us lawn furniture to use. It’s when I first learned the lesson that things aren’t important; people are.

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