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Sep '09

Christmas in September

After having to have our things go through customs, we were really happy to have our things arrive in The Netherlands.  It seems like it’s been so long since we shipped it from America that I had forgotten many of the things we packed.  That’s why it felt a little like Christmas today.


Our crate in The Netherlands

We had our winter clothes, some of Grace’s toys, towels, kitchen items, office supplies and children’s ministry supplies.  I think that when I opened this, I giggled the most in excitement.  I don’t think I’ve ever seen a slow cooker for Europe, but we actually found one at a store in Dallas.

My slow cooker for Europe

My slow cooker for Europe

Grace had many clothes that someone had handed down to her, so she got to have a bit of a fashion show.  As you can guess, she enjoyed that.  I think of all the things we had in our crate, this is what Mike was the most excited about.

Taco Bell hot sauce

Taco Bell hot sauce

The caption on the sauce said, “Ahhhh.  We meet again.”  Mike said that it was really appropriate.  You can see that he didn’t waste any time in using some of the packages.


2 comments to “Christmas in September”

  1. amanda Says:

    i am doing country studies. i have to do 3 paragraphs about missionaries in the netherlands.we have to know what hardships you faced,how you are witnessing jesus,what you organize, what your family does, how you organise winning people to jesus,and the key stratagies of your mission organizeation

  2. Anita Says:


    We’ve been in The Netherlands since 2005. We mostly work in children’s ministry, but we’ve also done many other things. As far as children’s ministry goes, we work primarily with one church in Leiden. We are making a video curriculum and also sharing it with another church in The Hague. We do training for children’s workers in churches throughout The Netherlands.

    Some of the hardships we have faced have been more cultural. We’ve learned Dutch, and we are constantly learning it. Most Dutch people speak English, so it makes it harder to learn it. It’s a very humbling thing to constantly make mistakes.

    Our mission has four pillars: reaching, teaching, training and touching. This encompasses reaching others for Christ, teaching and training other workers, and compassion ministry. I hope that helps. If you need more information, please let me know.

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