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Jan '16

Driving and Diplomas

A few months ago, I had to take several Dutch tests given by a government department.  If you can’t pass the tests, you eventually will not be able to stay in the country.  The tests are reading, writing, listening, speaking and culture.  I thought that my diploma from the university in Leiden (Dutch Studies program) would be enough for them, but it apparently wasn’t.  So, 250 euros later, I took all the tests and passed them.  As much as I didn’t want to pay the money or take the tests, it’s done, and I shouldn’t have to worry about that anymore.  This week, I picked up my inburgeringsdiploma.  I’m not as proud of it as I am about my university diploma, but I’m very happy to have it!


We also had to renew our drivers licenses.  They are good here for 10 years.  When we got them when we first moved here.  Well, we got them after passing a written test, driving lessons and a driving test.  It’s hard to believe that the entire process happened over ten years ago.  The drivers licenses we got were very large compared to what we were used to in America.  They were a trifold, and you had to buy a special wallet that would fit it.  Just months after we got ours, they changed the layout and made them the same size of an American license.  So, when we’ve had to use our licenses in the last year, people look at us oddly and ask if those type of licenses are still good.  I guess this means that after we pick up our licenses next week, I can finally replace my well-used wallet.





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