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Jul '16

High School Bound

Today marked Grace’s official last day of middle school.  How is it possible that the little girl who moved to The Netherlands when she was three-years old is now a high school student?!

Grace James, high school student

Grace James, officially a high school student

People often ask us what her school is like and what classes she takes.  In some ways, it’s similar to her American school, but in other ways, it’s very different.  Each year is divided into four terms.  Some classes (English, Spanish, Dutch, math, PE) are taken in all four terms.  Other classes are taken for only two terms (chemistry, biology, physics, history, geography, design, art, music).  In each term, Grace takes each classes twice per week, and the class length is much longer than her American classes.  It’s much more like a college schedule.

Grace did a great job this school year.  The level of work required became much harder than past years, and she not only made good grades, she also made better grades than she has in the past.

Today was the closing ceremony for the school.  Because she is a class representative, she had to give a speech about the school year.  We went to the school to support her, and when they were giving out class awards, we were so proud when Grace was chosen for her class.

Grace and other students were honored at the closing ceremony at school.

Grace and other students were honored at the closing ceremony at school.


In the school system she is in, they have qualities that they want each student to have.  Grace was chosen as the student who exemplifies a principled person.  This is a portion of what the head teacher said when she gave the award to Grace: Principled people act with integrity and honesty.  They have a strong sense of fairness and justice.  They also respect the rights and dignity of others around them and people everywhere.  They take responsibility for their action and the consequences that belong to those actions.  This principled person (Grace) takes care of her own affairs and also those of her class.

We are very proud of the principled, godly person that Grace is and are excited to see what lies ahead in her future!

I am so proud to call this beauty my daughter.

I am so proud to call this beauty my daughter.

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1 Comment » to “High School Bound”

  1. Angie Key Says:

    Congratulations, Grace! I am not surprised they chose her as the exemplar for a young woman of principle. This might sound odd coming from her Aunt, but I look up to Grace for her faith, her resolve, and her commitment to do what’s right.

    She’s a gorgeous young woman, inside and out, and I can’t wait to spend time with her when you’re stateside this summer!

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