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Mar '11

Is Spring Here?

We often play “What’s Your Favorite” as a family. Generally, one person will ask a question about a favorite thing.  It could be things like what your favorite movie, tv show, song, game, etc is.  Grace often asks what our favorite season is.  Her “favorite” season is: fall (because her birthday falls during that season), winter (because of snow and holidays), spring (because of the flowers) and summer (because of no school).

My favorite season is spring. I love the hope that comes after a long winter and gray skies. I love the flowers making their first appearances and warmer temperatures. We’ve had a few days of warmer weather. Well, I guess warmer is relative. I saw that for family in America, it has been much warmer than it has here. Nevertheless, I’ll take the warmer temperatures we’ve had. The highs have been 10 – 15 C (in the 50s F). I got so excited that I decided to wear a short sleeve shirt and flip flops when we went out. Mike laughed at me, and I realized that it was a bit too soon for that. I’ve added a hoodie to my t-shirt and traded my flip flops for warmer slippers.

We can see flowers beginning to bloom everywhere. They’re so beautiful. With that, blue skies and warmer weather, it’s hard not to get excited. Now, if it will only get a little bit warmer, I can break out the flip flops and not freeze trying to wear them!

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