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Nov '11

Leaves Are Falling

Things are definitely changing around here.  You can see more and more signs of autumn.  Our time changed last Sunday.  Now, when I take Grace to school, it’s not totally dark.  Unfortunately, it will be before too long since we continue to lose daylight right now.  It also gets dark much earlier.  It makes you really appreciate a sunny day when you get one!  You’d be surprised by how much the lack of daylight affects you.

This might sound like a gloomy post, but for the past few days when I’ve been walking Boomer, I’m reminded of beauty in this time of year.

Leaves on the ground

Just look at those beautiful fall colors on the leaves.  Below it, you can see brilliant, green grass.  A few years ago, we had friends visiting from Africa.  They came in December and were curious about what type of grass the Dutch people planted during the winter.  I didn’t know what they were talking about.  They said, “You know, what kind of grass is it?  It’s so green and it’s wintertime.”  I had been taking it for granted.  We have the same beautiful, green grass all year.  I had a Dutch friend who told me once that there might be a lot of clouds and rain here, but it helps keep the grass beautiful and helps beautiful flowers show up in the spring.

path during autumn

It might be getting a bit cooler outside, but I still enjoy taking Boomer for our daily walks.  If you see the beautiful path where we walk, you would probably enjoy it also.  So, if I can find something beautiful in all these things, maybe I can find something positive about getting into a freezing cold bed for the next few months.  🙂

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