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Mar '09


This year, Grace is in the 1st grade in America.  She essentially finished that grade last year, but because her birthday is at the end of September, they wouldn’t budge on it.  So, besides doing her normal 1st grade homework, she’s been doing some extra work.

We learned a while ago that Grace is highly motivated by either money or things bought for her.  This year in The Netherlands, she is missing out on multiplication.  So, if she memorizes her multiplication tables from 0 – 6, she can get a new Webkinz.  So far, she’s memorized through 5.  I think she already has in mind what she’s going to get.  If you don’t know what Webkinz is, don’t feel bad.  I didn’t know until we moved back here.  They’re stuffed animals that come with a code.  You can put that code into their website and play with your animals there too.  Ah, the marketing they do for kids.  Oh well, it’s helping a little girl learn her multiplication!

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