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Jul '13

Road Weary

One of the things that we knew we would not enjoy about America is how much of the time you spend on the road.  Normally, I don’t think that many people are in the car quite as much as we are.  We are usually driving each Sunday and often other days during the week.  We arrived in the States on May 22 and got a used car on May 28.  Since that time, we have put over 7,100 miles on it.  For our Dutch friends who might be reading this, that’s over 11,000 kilometers.  Either way you say it, it’s a lot!  Needless to say, we’re a little road weary.

Our close friend during the last two months

Our close friend during the last two months

We have a place to live, but we haven’t been able to get all the furniture we’re using in it or totally unpack.  We have been living out of a suitcase since we packed up our things in Hoofddorp on May 12.  We are all very ready to be able to unpack our suitcases and call someplace home!

I was just going over our calendar with Grace this morning.  This week, we are in Arkansas and get to enjoy a little more time with my parents.  On Saturday, we drive to Louisiana where we will have two services on Sunday.  It’s a nice day because in the morning, we will be in the church where my mother grew up.  At night, we will be in the church where my dad grew up.  Monday morning, we start driving (yes, again) to Florida where we will have a little Disney time with my sister’s family and then be at the Assemblies of God general council.  When that is over, we will yet again, drive back to Texas and have a whole day before we have to be ready for a service the following Sunday.

We’ve tried to make it a little more fun for Grace while we travel.  When we were in West Memphis, AR for a service, we crossed the river and headed into Memphis, TN.  Her favorite part of that day was the carriage ride tour through the city.  Eating Memphis dry rub ribs was a close second.

Grace after she finished off some Memphis ribs

Grace after she finished off some Memphis ribs

When we go to Louisiana, we’re going to stop by the Duck Commander warehouse in West Monroe.  She’s looking forward to that a lot.  We might be driving all the way to Florida, but at least she gets to go to Disney World.  That should make it much more bearable.  For the drive from Florida to Texas, we’re looking at around 17 – 18 hours of road time in one day.  There’s not a lot you can do to make that better.  This might sound strange to some people, but the idea of coming back to a home where we can actually live is exciting to all of us.

I think you can sum up our family’s feelings with this: They say that home is where the heart is.  We’d just love to keep our hearts in one place for a while!

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