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Dec '13

Snow Day (Ok, it’s really an ice day)

Not too long ago, someone asked Grace if she liked her American school or her Dutch school better.  At the beginning of the school year, she would’ve said her Dutch school because it’s familiar to her.  However, she’s adjusted and really likes her school and all her friends.  She quickly said, “My American school.”  When asked why, she had three reasons: her classes are easier, there’s not as much homework and they give out a lot of candy.

Friday gave her another reason to add to the list: snow days.  We found out Thursday night that there wouldn’t be any school on Friday. It’s really unfair to call it a snow day.  It didn’t snow.  We did get plenty of ice and freezing rain.  In The Netherlands, we would’ve gotten more snow, and we would’ve had school.  It just means that you plan more time to get where you’re going.  Instead of that, we stayed inside all day.  Grace loved it!  Of course, I keep telling her that it just means that they have to make up for the day later in the year.

Looking out our front door

Looking out our front door

I know that some people would laugh at canceling school due to the weather, but it’s actually really dangerous because of the thick layer of ice on the roads.  I’ve seen enough footage on tv of wrecks to make me now want to drive.

Behind our parking space

Behind our parking space – way too much ice for my taste!

Of course, even though we know that the roads are dangerous, and people are without electricity due to trees falling on power lines, we still laugh at things being said on Facebook and the news.  On last night’s newscast, there was a graphic – “31 hours below freezing!”  I looked at Mike and said, “I think last winter in Holland, we had over 31 days below freezing.”

We had services planned in Hooks and Tyler, TX this weekend.  We had to reschedule them because the driving would be too difficult, and some of the highways are closed.  They’ve salted them, but they froze again.  We saw on the news last night that people have been stuck on highways for over 10 hours without moving.  I’m thankful that the churches were so understanding about rescheduling.  I don’t enjoy being stuck in traffic, much less in the freezing without being able to get to food or bathrooms.

Icy steps leading to our apartment - tread carefully!

Icy steps leading to our apartment – tread carefully!

Even though I should be more conditioned to the cold, I’m still enjoying staying inside as much as I can, eating plenty of soup and drinking lots of hot tea.  I know that reality will come back, but until then, Happy Snow Days!

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