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Sep '12

The Dust Has Settled

Following a move that seemed like it would never happen, we hit the ground running.  On Tuesday and Wednesday (31 July and 1 August), we moved into our house.  I first need to say a huge thank you to the people who helped us move.  We had big, heavy furniture to get out of a second floor window, and it was a challenge to say the least.  They didn’t bat an eye.  In the rain, they helped steer things down a ladder balancing furniture on their heads.  Amazing!

Just when I thought I’d seen it all…

We worked for several days organizing and putting furniture together, and on Sunday (4 August), we had church in our house.  We had the bottom and middle floor basically put together. That afternoon, we picked up Mike’s parents and headed out on vacation with them the very next day.

Having church in your house, our dog feels the need to join in. Here is Boomer as “part” of the worship team.

After Mike’s parents left, we finished up the attic.  I’ve been working on clearing out the back garden, which is a long process.  I am thankful that the green trash (all food waste, leaves, weeds, etc) comes every week until the autumn. We’re getting used to a new city and neighborhood.  Hoofddorp is definitely different than Voorschoten, but we like it very much.  Grace is getting ready to start playing basketball here and starting a music class.  We were told by a friend not to become Hoofd-dorks.  It’s probably too late for that.

Outside the new house

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