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Jul '14

The First of Many Lasts

It’s hard to believe that in approximately 8 weeks, we’ll have another member of the family.  We’re getting to the point where I’m not allowed to travel very much because of the pregnancy.   Because of that, my part of itineration is winding down.  This past weekend, we did some children’s services for a church in Texarkana, AR on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  We love that church so much.  I told the pastor that I certainly wouldn’t do something like that for many people but I would make an exception for them.

Speaking at a children's service in Texarkana

Speaking at a children’s service in Texarkana

One of the highlights in Texarkana for us was the introduction of Mini Foo, a tiny version of Foo Ling U.  This definitely starts expanding some of our family (Grace) in ministry.  It was such a hit that it made her day.  Her response to it all was, “See, Mom, I’ve got puppet skills up my sleeve.”  In the next 8 weeks, we have a few more services when I will not be able to travel.  Grace will get to be the person out front.  We’ll see if she has “talking to puppet skills” up her sleeve as well.

Foo Ling U with Mini Foo

Foo Ling U with Mini Foo

Sunday morning, I had some women who asked how much longer I had in the pregnancy.  When I said that it was 8 weeks, they were shocked because they didn’t think I could get much bigger.  Sunday night, a lady told me that I wasn’t very big for 32 weeks along.  I’ll go with the lady Sunday night.  Things are getting much more uncomfortable for me; there’s not much room for the baby, and things like breathing and reaching the floor are getting more and more difficult.  The end is near however.

There is so much that will happen for us in the next few months.  We will wrap up itineration and have a baby.  In November, Mike will be in The Netherlands for meetings and to take care of our housing.  Right after Christmas, we will all go back to The Netherlands  to stay.  That means a lot of packing and goodbyes in the months to come.  It’s never easy to do, but we know that God will help us through it all!



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