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Oct '15

The Puppet Lady

Earlier this week, Mike’s Aunt Fredda passed away.  In many people’s lives, there are some who have a great influence.  Fredda was definitely that!  Fredda ran House of Puppetry for many years, and she was known as The Puppet Lady.  She handmade puppets and probably gave more of them away than she tried to sell.  Missionaries all over the world used House of Puppetry puppets.

Fredda with Grace several years ago in her puppet shop

Fredda with Grace several years ago in her puppet shop

When Mike was younger, he would go and spend time in the summers in his Aunt Fredda’s shop.  He helped her make puppets, but he says that it was more of keeping him busy and that he didn’t really help all that much.  During these times, however, Fredda taught Mike the basics of puppetry.

Years later, when Mike was going to university, he went to his associate pastor and asked for something to do in the church.  They needed someone to do the children’s ministry.  As he started doing it, he remembered the days of helping his Aunt Fredda and learning puppetry.  He developed a few characters, and she made some puppets for him to use. One of those puppets, Steve, is even older than our marriage.  He has taught thousands of children Bible verses and annoyed Anita for years.

Anita with Steve

Anita with Steve

She has also made other puppets we use very often like Timmy the Turtle and Bubba.

Anita with Bubba

Anita with Bubba

Saying that Fredda had an influence on our ministry is an understatement.  She was known as The Puppet Lady, and Mike is often called The Puppet Guy.  She will be greatly missed, but her influence will live on for years to come.

Family with puppets

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  1. Rebekah Walden Says:

    I was so sorry to hear of your Aunt Fredda’s passing. Your mom told me last night. I know she blessed many with her talent and skills. Such a beautiful tribute to her. Love you guys.

    Aunt Becky

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