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Oct '13

The Time of Year I Love (in Texas)

Finally, it is here!  The temperatures have dropped just a bit, and I’m not complaining about the heat anymore.  We usually keep our thermostat much warmer than most people here in America: 78 F.  About 4 or 5 days ago, I decided that we could do without the air conditioning all together.  A few nights ago, it got a little cooler, and when Grace got up and looked at our thermostat because she was cold. “71?! Can’t you turn the heat on?”  I laughed and told her that most people in America keep their houses that cold or colder.  She’s going to love me in the winter when I refuse to make it very warm in the house as well.

I’ve heard from friends in The Netherlands that it’s gotten much colder, windier and rainy.  That’s a typical October day there – hence the addition of the parentheses in the title of my blog post.  I decided to have a look at how temperatures compare between the two places.  This cooler, pleasant day here in Texas is what would be considered a really warm/hot day if it was the middle of summer in The Netherlands.

Different Worlds

Different Worlds

Living in The Netherlands really taught me to appreciate having windows and doors open.  I love feeling a breeze and hearing the birds singing.  Of course, in Texas, we can smell freshly-cut grass, which we don’t really smell in The Netherlands.  In our back yard, there are plants around the perimeter, but we’ve never had grass.


Letting the fresh air inside

Letting the fresh air inside

I do wonder what anyone in the area thought while I was working out this morning though with the door open.  I’m sure they thought someone was dying inside our house.  I’m not sure how long this weather will last, but I plan on enjoying it as long as possible.

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