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Mike and Anita James

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Jun '09

Two Camps Down, More to Come

On June 12, we began speaking at Fort Worth Metro Camp.  This is a camp for kids from inner-city Fort Worth.  That camp is so rewarding.  I’ve said that as much energy as it takes to do it, I’m given so much more.  I love speaking to those kids and spending time with them.  Plus, we get to hang out with some pretty awesome people.  Buddy and Ruth Calzada, who are the directors, do a fantastic job.

Speaking at the Fort Worth Metro Camp

Speaking at the Fort Worth Metro Camp

That camp ended on June 15.  After those kids left, the next group of kids arrived for North Texas District camp.  We were shocked to find out that about 950 kids were at this camp.  That’s A LOT of kids!  It was also an awesome camp.  We had an awesome time and got to hang out with lots of friends.

Grace was able to do her first character during the services, Smiley Iris.  She did a great job.   She really enjoyed being able to be more a part of our services.

Grace as Smiley Iris

Grace as Smiley Iris

Tonight, we start a kids crusade in Archer City, TX and have a kids camp in Arkansas the first week of July.  Fun, fun, fun!

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