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Jan '13

We’re Coming to America

It’s hard to imagine that we’ve been here in The Netherlands almost four years, which is the length of our term.  We’re scheduled to go back to America this summer.  There’s so much in that statement that it is hard to think about all that needs to happen before then.  Michelle Chapman is coming to work here in The Netherlands for 2 years.  She is going to keep the house group of our church going for the year we will be raising funds in America.  We are so thankful that she will be coming and can do this for us!

So, that bit is covered.  Mike now gets to start calling churches to try to get services booked.  This is when his telemarketing skills get honed.  Grace will finish up (almost) her year of school here.  They don’t officially get out of school here until July 19.  She’ll have to leave a little early so we can move and start the itineration process before she starts her school year in America.  She’s pretty excited to go back to America and be with family.  It’ll be a big adjustment for her.  Her current school has one class per grade. She’ll be going into 6th grade there, which means middle school. Imagine the adjustment that happens between elementary school and middle school but throw moving from another country into the mix.  It should be interesting.

This is what we looked like the last time we came back for a year in America:

family - 2008


The last time we were in America, it took me a while to adjust back to American culture.  I didn’t think that would happen because I’m an American.  In the time we were in The Netherlands, I changed and so did America.  I think it helps me to know that I can expect to feel strange going back again.

So, coming back will feel a little strange and be a big adjustment (especially where schooling is concerned) for Grace.  It’ll also be a lot of work and more traveling than I care to think about, but it has it’s upsides as well.  We’re really looking forward to being with family. What else are we looking forward to?

Mike: 1) Mexican food and 2) the ease of doing things in my native language

Anita: 1) Target and 2) warmer weather (I’m pretty tired of the current weather here: freezing and very snowy.)

Grace: 1) Sonic and 2) American TV

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