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Apr '09

Another Sunday on the Road

This Sunday we were in North Little Rock and Harrison, Arkansas.  Both services were amazing!  In North Little Rock, we did the kids’ services on Saturday night and Sunday morning.   We’ve known the children’s pastor, Brian Dollar, for several years.  He writes curriculum for children’s ministry and blessed us so much!  He gave us a copy of everything he’s ever written.  We have a vision for doing video-based curriculum in The Netherlands that can then be used throughout Europe.  Thank you so much, Brian!  This is a picture of where children’s church takes place.

Children's Church in North Little Rock, Arkansas

Children's Church in North Little Rock, Arkansas

After going to North Little Rock, we got in the car to drive to Harrison.  We were on pace to be there before 5:00 pm.  The service started at 6:00 so this was plenty of time…we thought.  There was a bad accident on the way, and we were stuck in traffic for over an hour.  This was the very first time we have ever been late for a service.  We had to set up a puppet stage while the service was already going on.  After the service, we got to have a wonderful dinner with the pastor, the children’s pastor and their families.  It was really fun until the children’s pastor’s son asked Mike to start doing some of his “special” tricks like touching his nose and chin with his tongue.  I’m sure the pastor has never had a meal with a missionary quite like this one!  (Actually, the pastor said that he had never had a meal with anyone like that before.)

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