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Jul '09

Getting Ready to Leave

On June 25, we got a call to say that we had reached our minimum budget requirements.  What does that mean?  We have final approval to move back to The Netherlands.  We are so excited!  Our budget had been cut, so to meet the original budget (which means we can do more ministry when we get there), we need about $500 more per month.

We have ordered our tickets.  Our travel agent is amazing!  She found us tickets for less than half of what we had found.  If you have a chance to use Great Southern Travel in Springfield, MO, I would definitely recommend them!  We leave on August 6 and will arrive in Amsterdam around noon on the 7th.

So, we are totally moved out of our apartment.  We had to repack everything because we will be shipping a small crate via a ship.  That helps us because we cannot get everything into our bags.  So, we had to repack.  Here’s what my inlaws’ living room looked like while we were working on it.  (This isn’t the worst that it became either.)

Packing in our apartment

Packing in our apartment

What does our schedule look like for the remainder of the time here in America?  We speak at a camp in Arkansas, have 9 other services, spend time with family and try to tie up loose ends.  It should be fun!

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