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Feb '14

I’ve Been Everywhere, Man!

I’ve got that old Johnny Cash song going through my head this morning.  We normally travel over the weekend and some during the week as well speaking at missions services, but the last few weeks has been a little worse than normal for us.

Two weekends ago, we were out in East Texas.  We clocked in 471 miles that weekend.  Fortunately, we started the process Saturday and came back Sunday.  Like all our services, we’re very happy that we went.  Of course, when your daughter wakes up sick Saturday night in a hotel, you’d really rather be at home with her.  I had to apologize to her and tell her that we couldn’t just go home because of the service the next morning.  Thankfully, God helped her, and she got much better and was able to go on Sunday to two services and even ask for some ice cream Sunday night.  The desire for ice cream apparently has some amazing healing properties.

Itineration in East Texas - love the sights

Itineration in East Texas – love the sights

Last weekend, we were in Northern Arkansas.  We drove 1,043 miles during that trip.  There are many plus sides, but the view is just beautiful!  I’ve had many people tease me over the years about being from Arkansas.  I swept my arm at the scenery and told Mike, “Let them laugh all they want!  This is a beautiful part of the country, and I’m proud to be from Arkansas!”  Also, we have discovered that in the hills of Northern Arkansas, the hills really are alive with the sound of music.  On Sunday night, the pastor asked if anyone had anything special they’d like to sing.  I’ve been in churches where that is a scary thing to ask.  The people who got up and shared were amazing.  Even if bluegrass or country isn’t your preferred style of music, you’ve got to appreciate good musicians, and we definitely appreciated the good music.

This view from the church is just a portion of how pretty it is.  I wish I could have taken a panoramic.

This view from the church is just a portion of how pretty it is. I wish I could have taken a panoramic.

This past weekend, we were in Abilene, TX.  It’s a pretty good drive; this weekend added 451 miles to our car’s odometer.  Even though it was the shortest of the three trips, we got ice while we were there.  The hotel we were staying at is just a few steps from the church we were at Sunday morning.  Thank goodness we didn’t have to drive because our car doors were frozen shut and took a while to open.  We thought that we would have a service Sunday night also, but due to the ice on the roads, it was cancelled.  So, we started on home.  We had some icy patches, but we made it without event – just how I like to travel.

Texas in winter

Texas in winter

This coming Sunday, we’ll be in Ardmore, OK.  It’s only about two hours from here.  We won’t know what to do with such a short trip.  At least it will help us not to feel like we’re becoming permanently attached to the seats in our car.



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