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Mar '09

Monday Morning Blues

Mondays are hard for many people.  We aren’t immune to it either.  Grace is in 1st grade.  We have to make sure that she doesn’t miss school.  So, on Sunday nights, we travel home after church.  Most times it isn’t a problem.  Last night we were in Austin, Texas.  It is about a four hour drive for us.  Grace is an amazing traveler.  She gets into her pajamas and sleeps in the car.  When we first moved back, I thought that I could carry her up the stairs to our third floor apartment.  I soon found out that it wasn’t going to happen.  So, when we arrive home (like we did at 1:15 this morning), she knows what to do.  She wakes up, gathers her things, climbs upstairs and goes into her bed.

As you can guess, Mondays aren’t our easiest mornings.  Grace was pretty happy when I told her she didn’t have to make up her bed today though.  I guess we have to look for the good things in it all.

Yesterday, we had great services in Marble Falls and Austin, Texas.  These churches have been so good to us!  It definitely makes our Monday mornings worth it!

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