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Oct '12

Can You Really Get Sick of the Smell of Cookies?

When we began meeting about starting iChurch Hoofddorp, we wanted to be a church that did nice things for people.  It’s such a novel idea for a church to do something for people without a hidden agenda.  Sad, right?  So, I had the idea to pass out homemade cookies to people.  I’ve found that Dutch people LOVE American cookies.  It’s also a bonus that you can’t buy anything like that here.

Earlier this year, we spent four days passing out 1,000 cookies.  It was great to have people from America send chocolate chips and help bake and package them.  At that time, we just went out to do something nice for people.  It was so nice to see the smiles it brought.

Last week and this week, I’ve been alone in my baking.  I made a little over 750 cookies.  Once I lost count and went a little over.  Including that and making cookies for church on Sunday, I made around 800 of them.  I never thought that I’d be sick of the smell of cookies in my house, but I’m there.

This is a good sign that baking is about to begin.

Cookies ready to be packaged

I might be sick of making cookies (for now) and tired of the smell, but I’m never tired of the smiles it brings to people’s faces when we’re passing them out.  We usually pack up two boxes and head to the city center.

All packed up and ready to go

We were very fortunate to not have any rain during the cookie pass-outs.  We did have some pretty strong wind yesterday, but it didn’t stop us. This time when we’ve been passing out our cookies, the bag included a note to say that we’re going to begin weekly services at a hotel in Hoofddorp.  One day last week, a man came back after eating cookies with his family.  He was asking me what type of church we would be starting. He said that he was a Christian and he was so excited about our church.  I think my favorite quote of the day came from him.  He said, “A cookie is good, but a new church is even better!”

Last Sunday, we had our “Coming Soon” Sunday.  It was in preparation for our launch this Sunday. We decided that it would be a good idea to have a service with our team in the new location to make sure that we knew what to expect.  Here are some pictures from the service.

Mike sharing Paul’s “Twitter feed”

Sietse and Vanessa leading worship

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