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Oct '11

Coming Soon – New Church in Hoofddorp

We feel that God is leading us to start a new church in the city of Hoofddorp. We’ll be starting it with some friends of ours, Sietse and Vanessa Houtman. We’re really excited about being used by God in this new way.

Sietse & Vanessa

If you’re wondering if we will still do children’s ministry, the answer is yes but not as much.  We are still doing training and teaching, but when we start the new church, it won’t be our only focus.  We will be doing children’s ministry though.  When you start a new church, you end up doing a lot!

We have a facebook group, Pray for Hoofddorp.  If you’d like to get updates about what is happening or how to pray for us, follow this link, ask to be a part of the group and join us in this new adventure!  http://www.facebook.com/groups/159364030812216/

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