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Mar '11

Fruit, Fruit and More Fruit

We finished a series on the Fruit of the Spirit. It was a lot of fun. We recycled an old song we did years ago that taught the kids the list.  To get the actual lessons into their heads, we did some of my favorite videos so far. You can check out our youtube channel to see them: www.youtube.com/mikeandanita.

We also had a few Zuper Zondags during the series. We’ve got an incredible lady who comes up with crafts for us. Here are a few of her ideas for the kids.

Fruit tree

Fruit mouse

Of course, the kids were creative and made things in their own way.

Kid's fruit mouse

For our last lesson, we talked about good fruit vs bad fruit. Mike offered bad fruit first to the kids and then gave out good fruit.  It was a good visual for the kids and adults as well. The apple was so gross! Mike put it in a plastic bag and simply pushed on it causing it to explode. I definitely want to have good fruit in my life!

Good fruit vs bad fruit

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