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Reaching Children – Training Leaders

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Jul '15


We have been in the planning stages of a monthly outreach in the area of Leiden where we live, Merenwijk. We have been praying about this for quite a while.  We have contacted a few places about the possibility of renting from them.  We never heard anything from a school we contacted, so we went to a community center.  For now, we have a yes from them, but because the city owns the building, it must officially be approved by the city.

The community center where we should have Fundag

The community center where we should have Fundag

The community center does a lot to help in the area it’s located.  They work mostly with immigrants helping them learn Dutch and helping them get involved in the community and ready for work.  They also do things like homework tutoring.  They are really excited about the possibility of partnering with us, and we are pretty excited about it too.

The outreach will be a kids club called Fundag (Funday).  It will be on Saturdays.  We’re planning on a fun, pirate theme where the kids will defeat pirates (anger, rudeness, lying & stealing).  We’ will have songs, drama, puppets, Bible stories, games and crafts for kids ages 6 – 12. We’re currently working with someone to build a website and advertise for Fundag.

We have asked people in our church to help us, and we’ve had several people come to us who want to help.  In fact, one lady’s children go to school in the area of the community center.  She has been praying abut children there.  She told us that she has prayed, “God, how will they know you?”  We believe that God is leading us to have Fundag so that these children can hear about and follow God.  We are excited that God is laying this area on other people’s hearts as well as ours.

Please pray with us that 1) the building will come through for us, 2) we are able to reach many kids/families in this area, 3) we can build a team to work with us.

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