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Mike and Anita James

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Jun '13

Happy Campers

Last Sunday night, we started speaking at North Texas district camps.  It went Sunday night through Wednesday morning.  We had around 600 campers.  Wednesday night started a second camp that ran through Saturday morning.  That camp had about 900 campers.  With two services per day, it was pretty busy.  It was busy, but a lot of fun.  It was great to see friends again.

Morning worship at camp


Morning worship at camp


Here are 10 things we learned at camp:

1) Mike looks like either Psy, Robin Williams or a grandpa.  He was told by one child that he looked like Psy, who sings “Gangnam Style.” The last time I checked, he didn’t look too much like a Korean man. Robin Williams? I don’t think so.  He was told by another child that he reminded her of her grandpa.  Another child told Grace that she thought I was her mom, and Mike was her grandpa.

2) If you want to feel like a rock star, be a camp speaker.  Grace decided that there were degrees of recognition from the children. The first day, they walk past you and don’t look twice.  The second day, they look at you for a few seconds trying to figure out who you are.  The third day, they wave at you and yell ‘HEY!’ when they see you. On the last night of camp, Grace was busy signing autographs. She said that she got tired of doing that, and I asked her if it was a burden to be famous.  🙂

3) Children don’t always learn your name.  Here are some things were were told: Mike – “Hey! You’re that guy.” Anita – “Hey! You’re the singing girl.” Grace – “Hey! You’re that girl.”

4) When a video screen and a camera is involved during a worship service, children will forget all about God to see themselves on the screen.

5) Grace is definitely a chip off the old block!  She helped us with preparing for the services.  She also helped out during worship and had her own character, Dramatica.  For that character, she would do an interpretive dance for the memory verse.  She came up with the motions for that, the outfit and the voice for Dramatica.

Grace and Anita leading the kids in worship

Grace and Anita leading the kids in worship

6) When it’s over 100 degrees, it’s good to have a golf cart to get around.  Also, we drink a lot more water than when we were in The Netherlands!

7) When you walk through a crowd giving children high-fives, and your hand is wet when you’re finished, it’s time to wash your hands.

8) Even though we repeated the same services for both camps, I had no idea what those puppets are going to say! We say that the puppets often make jokes that are not meant for the kids.  Mike made references to both 2nd Chapter of Acts and Carman, two Christian music acts from the early 80s. Many of the workers – much less the kids – weren’t even born when they could be heard on the radio.

9)  Your stomach can only take so much salad, and two times per day for a week isn’t a good idea.

10) Some food combinations should never be made.  We played a review game with the children called “Mash It Up.”  If they got the question correct, two spoons of a certain food were put in the other contestant’s cup.  If they got it wrong, they got two spoons in their own cup.  An immersion blender was used to mix it all up, and at the end of the game, the first person to drink it all was the winner.  I’m pretty sure that Ranch dressing, grape jelly, applesauce, Nutella, Beanie Weenie and bacon bits should never be put together in a drink!

Mash It Up - a review game we played in the mornings

Mash It Up – a review game we played in the mornings


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