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Mike and Anita James

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Apr '12

iChurch Community begins

We’ve been meeting quite a bit with our friends, Vanessa & Sietse to plan for our new church, iChurch Hoofddorp.  We’ve been going through things like the vision for our church.  We had our first meeting on Sunday, 1 April.  We decided to start by talkig about what our core values.  Mike spoke about being authentic.  People have been known to put on masks and hide who they really are or what they’re gong through.

Mike being authentic

Sietse and Vanessa took care of music – a Bon Jovi song to start it off and a Hillsong United song to end it.

Sietse & Vanessa leading worship

One of the things we said that we wanted was for our church to be fun.  Mike and I have done children’s ministry for so long, it’s kind of natural for us.  We played a game – “Who Is Telling the Truth?”  He and I would each make a statement, and they would have to decide who was telling the truth and who was lying.  The one that confused everyone about me was when I said that I had never fired a gun.  They were tricked because they thought that if I came from America – especially from Arkansas – that I had done it, but I wasn’t telling the truth on that one.

Our media department

Grace was our media department.  We practiced with her on Saturday.  She did such a great job.  I was really proud of her.  It helped her focus on what was being said and also gave her something to do.  I told her that she did a better job than a lot of adults I’ve seen.

My job was to come up with something for children.  I didn’t know how many children we would have or if we would even have any other than Grace.  She turned out to be the only child, but she appreciated having an activity to do.  It was also about being truthful and honest.  My other job was to take care of hospitality  If you don’t know Dutch people, let me fill you in – you HAVE to have coffee.  Sietse says that we don’t only need coffee; we need good coffee.  So, we packed up the Senseo and I made homemade chocolate chip cookies.  Hey, if we’re going to have good coffee, we should have good cookies too.

We had another girl there with us, and we’ve had a few inquiries from other people about our next meeting, so hopefully our community will grow.  We’re very grateful to friends from our church in Leiden who live in Hoofddorp and have offered their house to use for the meetings!  We plan on moving in July, so if we don’t need to find a larger place yet, we’ll start meeting in our house.  Please pray with us that God will direct this new phase in our life and that we will build a strong community in Hoofddorp.

Our list of how a church can be authentic

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