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Jun '10

Last Cooking Group for a While

Tonight was the last cooking group/Bible study/prayer group until the summer is over.  The group, Ingredients for Life, was started by me and a friend, Kristi Reavis.  We started it in 2006.  The year Mike and I were in the States, the group kept going.  I took it over again last year.  I love this group!

We have someone who demonstrates some recipe.  Then, we have a Bible study and prayer together.  Oh yeah!  We also sample the food. 🙂  In the past, we’ve had women from a few countries, so we’ve had a variety of food.

Tonight, we decided to just hang out together and watch Julie & Julia.  It’s a movie that is about a woman who cooks through Julia Child’s cookbook.  We loved it!  It’s about cooking, eating and relationships.  The woman who cooks through the cookbook writes a blog about it.  When the ladies were leaving, I thought, “This is a perfect time for me to write a blog about this group.”

I guess I have the summer to try out some new recipes before we start back.  Any ideas on what I should make?

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