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Mike and Anita James

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Sep '15

One week to go

We met today to pass out flyers for Fundag.  It’s hard to believe that it starts next week! We were worried that we wouldn’t get the flyers in time, but we got them with a whole 30 minutes to spare.  Several people who will be involved with Fundag met in front of the epicentrum (the place where we’ll meet) to go to several apartment blocks to pass out flyers.

Two of our workers going out to pass out flyers

Two of our workers going out to pass out flyers

The flyers are pretty cool.  You can even roll them up so that they look like a telescope that pirates would use.

IMG_0632 IMG_0633


Please pray for us as we continue to prepare and for plenty of kids to come.  We also have a website up for the kids club.  Check it out if you’d lik, www.fundag.net.  Of course, it would help you some if you could read Dutch.  🙂

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