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Mike and Anita James

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Oct '12

We Made It Official

On Sunday, iChurch Hoofddorp had it’s official first service.  We met at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Hoofddorp.  We are so blessed to have such great support from ICL (International Church Leiden).  Not only do they support us monthly, they also are sending people to help us.  We’ve got people helping out with greeting and hospitality afterwards.  While Mike was speaking, his phone kept getting messages.  When the service was over, he saw that he had 70 text messages from people at ICL who were praying for us.  We thought that was pretty cool.

Grace was pretty happy to not be the only child at church. She was the oldest child, but after church playing with a 3-year old, she was a very happy girl.  She was also pretty confident in her computer skills for the service.  We thought that one of us should sit by her in case anything went wrong or she needed our help.  She kept telling me, “Mom, you don’t have to sit here.”  She did a very good job, but I was happy to be next to her – if she needed my help or not.

Vanessa & Sietse were practicing for worship, and Grace was also practicing on the computer.

Now, it’s all a little more real.  We’re meeting every week, and there’s a lot more responsibility with it all.  Of course, we’ve done a lot of work getting to this point, but there’s a lot more work to come.  We keep believing that we will do as much as we can and God will do the rest.  It’s a really exciting (and sometimes scary) time, and we’re excited to see what God does through our church.

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