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Mike and Anita James

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May '12

“Would you like a homemade cookie?”

I said these words so many times that I think I’ll be saying them in my sleep.  With the help of some friends, Sarah & Rebekah Taylor, we had 250 homemade cookies ready to pass out in Hoofddorp. We got a permit from the city to be able to pass them out.  The process was fun.  First, we mixed up 5 batches of cookie dough. The longest part of the process was the baking part. My oven only cooks one pan at a time.  That ended up being 16 cookies at a time.  We finally perfected the process of them and cooked them for 5 minutes before turning the tray and cooking them an additional 5 minutes.  Yeah, it took a while.

Sarah & Rebekah mixing cookie dough

The next step was waiting for the cookies to cool off enough to be able to pack them.

Waiting on some cookies to cool

When they were finally cool, we included a church business card and sealed them up with a sticker with our logo.

Packaged cookie

Today, Mike, Rebekah and I went into Hoofddorp to start passing them out.  We’ll also be handing them out on Wednesday. As I found, most men and children or teenagers were happy to take a cookie.  Many people asked us why we were passing them out.  They were surprised to find out that we were a church who were just wanting people to have homemade cookies. AAt first, I was surprised when people turned us down, but then I realized that I would probably also be a little reluctant  to take something like that from a stranger. The only negative thing I was told was that a man at the bakery didn’t like me standing near his shop passing out things for free. I just moved on down a little bit and kept passing them out.

Explaining why our church is passing out cookies

Mike had several boys who came back for more.  They did promise to give them (or at least the cards) to their parents. Overall, the reaction was positive. When people asked me why they we were doing it, my response was, “Well, we’re a new church, and we wanted to do something for Hoofddorp. We were trying to think of something, and I like to bake.  So…we decided to give out cookies.”

Mike talking with a lady while passing out cookies

We’ll have several more times of passing out cookies. Please pray that we continue to make good connections with people and can connect people to our church.

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