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Aug '14

Extra Time

Since we’ve been in The Netherlands, we’ve learned a lot about football (soccer).  One thing that is very common is going into extra time.  The half might be a certain length of time, but the referees almost always add on extra time because of times they stopped for injuries or penalties.  You don’t know how […]

Mar '14

What to Expect When You Weren’t Expecting

We are a very happy family of three.  We had Grace 12 years ago.  10 years ago while we were itinerating, we suffered a miscarriage.  It was a devastating loss.  We really wanted to have another baby, but while living in The Netherlands, we had some testing done to see why I wasn’t getting pregnant.  […]

Aug '13

A Foot in Two Worlds

We’ve been back in the States for a little over three months.  Sometimes it feels like it’s been longer, and sometimes it feels like it hasn’t been that long.  There are many days that we miss so much about The Netherlands!  Practically every dog that I see makes me sad and miss our crazy little […]

Aug '13

Home Sweet Home

The summer is really flying by!  We were in Arkansas for three weeks.  I love being able to be with my family, and it was a treat to be able to stay with them during that time.  While we were there, we spoke at several churches and a kids camp.  From Arkansas, we went to […]

Jun '13

Checking Things off My List

I’m pretty sure that I’ve said it before, but I’m a list maker.  When we were preparing to pack everything up in The Netherlands and move out of our house, I had a huge list.  I was so happy to check those things off.  When we got back to the US, I made another list. […]

May '13

Observations after 24 hours

I had the grand idea to write a blog about our initial observations on America after our return, but at the 24 hour mark, I was busy getting dinner ready.  After that, I hit a wall and could hardly keep my eyes open much less think and compose anything that made sense. We got in […]

Mar '13

One Door Closes, Another Opens

Have you ever had a to-do list that keeps growing?  We’re definitely in that moment in life. Honestly, I like making lists, and I like crossing things off my list even more.  When we leave for America in May for a year, we are going to put our things into storage, so you can imagine […]

Mar '13

The Constant Through the ‘I Don’t Know’

We moved to The Netherlands in July 2005.  At that time, Grace was only 3 years old.  The way that our mission works is for us to go and raise funds to go back after a few years.  We were planning on going back in the summer of 2008.  We noticed some changes in Grace […]

Jan '13

We’re Coming to America

It’s hard to imagine that we’ve been here in The Netherlands almost four years, which is the length of our term.  We’re scheduled to go back to America this summer.  There’s so much in that statement that it is hard to think about all that needs to happen before then.  Michelle Chapman is coming to […]

Jul '12

A Season of Lasts and Firsts

The moving process continues.  We’ve gotten all the paperwork in to be able to rent the house that we want.  That means that we should be able to sign a contract on Monday or Tuesday.  They have people doing renovations, so we’re not able to move immediately.  We’re busy with packing and taking care of […]