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Mar '14

Memory Lane

Last week, I was really busy with the Arkansas District sectional tour.  It’s actually been going on for the last month, but this week, we had 7 meetings in 4 days.  It was a lot of driving, but it was worth it.  My mom was quite the trooper and went with me to all the […]

Dec '12

A Southern Girl’s Views on Snow

For most of my life, I lived in south Arkansas and Texas.  The climate is about the same.  In the winter, we might have a few days that are pretty cold.  We can even get a day or two of snow each year.  If we’re honest, it’s more ice on the roads than actual snow, […]

Nov '11

Leaves Are Falling

Things are definitely changing around here.  You can see more and more signs of autumn.  Our time changed last Sunday.  Now, when I take Grace to school, it’s not totally dark.  Unfortunately, it will be before too long since we continue to lose daylight right now.  It also gets dark much earlier.  It makes you […]

Mar '11

Is Spring Here?

We often play “What’s Your Favorite” as a family. Generally, one person will ask a question about a favorite thing.  It could be things like what your favorite movie, tv show, song, game, etc is.  Grace often asks what our favorite season is.  Her “favorite” season is: fall (because her birthday falls during that season), […]

Jun '10

Last Cooking Group for a While

Tonight was the last cooking group/Bible study/prayer group until the summer is over.  The group, Ingredients for Life, was started by me and a friend, Kristi Reavis.  We started it in 2006.  The year Mike and I were in the States, the group kept going.  I took it over again last year.  I love this […]

Apr '10

Queen’s Day

Yesterday, we had some of the most beautiful weather.  It was the warmest it’s been this year.  People were in shorts and outside loving the weather. Today is Koninginnedag, Queen’s Day.  It’s the day to celebrate the queen.  It’s supposed to be on her birthday, but since her birthday is in the winter and weather […]

Nov '09

A Little Bit of Everything

Earlier this week, both Grace and I were sick.  Fortunately, our fevers only lasted a day or two.  It came at a terrible time though.  I guess there’s never a good time to get sick, but we got sick when we had company coming.  Our friends were sick the week before, so they had no […]

Oct '09

Autumn is definitely here

No, we don’t have major changes in our lives.  It is feeling much more like autumn here though.  Schools here had an autumn break last week, and it was so nice to have a little bit of time to relax as a family.  We were able to go to a few museums.  Here is Grace […]

Sep '09

A New/Old Job

In the past, American missionaries have taught English Composition at Azusa, the Bible school here.  They aren’t in the country at the time, so I was asked to teach it for the time being.  I taught junior high school English when we lived in America, so this isn’t totally out of the normal for me. […]

Sep '09

Christmas in September

After having to have our things go through customs, we were really happy to have our things arrive in The Netherlands.  It seems like it’s been so long since we shipped it from America that I had forgotten many of the things we packed.  That’s why it felt a little like Christmas today. We had […]