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Dec '13

Sinterklaas in Texas

It’s that time of year: Thanksgiving is over, and we’re getting ready for Christmas.  For Americans, that seems pretty normal, but since we’ve lived in The Netherlands, Sinterklaas is also part of this time of the year.  Sinterklaas is Saint Nicholas, and he’s the one who brings presents to children in The Netherlands.  They do […]

Jun '10

Last Cooking Group for a While

Tonight was the last cooking group/Bible study/prayer group until the summer is over.  The group, Ingredients for Life, was started by me and a friend, Kristi Reavis.  We started it in 2006.  The year Mike and I were in the States, the group kept going.  I took it over again last year.  I love this […]

Aug '09

More Differences

Many things are different in America than in The Netherlands.  Since we’ve already lived here, we know some of the things to expect.  I like some of the things about American stores better – mainly the prices.  And, I like some of the things about Dutch stores better.  There aren’t as many choices, and I […]

Aug '09

Small Adjustments

We’re adjusting back to life in The Netherlands, and we’ve noticed that it’s happening much quicker than the first time we moved here.  One of the things we’ve had to get used to is how much smaller everything is.  Here is a drink from Whataburger in America: Now, you need to compare it to the […]

Aug '09

Getting Back to Normal

We got back to The Netherlands on Friday afternoon.  We were greeted at the airport by friends.  They were cheering for us as we walked out.  It was really nice to feel welcomed. This was a balloon some friends gave Grace.  It says Welkom Thuis/Welcome Home.  It has some very typical Dutch things on it. […]

Aug '09

Last Meals

During our last week, we wanted to stop at a few restaurants.  Tuesday night, we went to Babe’s.  Babe’s is an amazing restaurant where you can get fried chicken or chicken fried steak.  They bring around wonderful sides – as much as you want.  Can you see why we love this place.  Mike and I […]

Apr '09

Only in Texas

While traveling, we see some really interesting things.  We travel mostly in Texas and Arkansas.  Since I’m an Arkansan, I’m often amused by the things you can find in Texas.  We’ve stayed at a few hotels where you can make yourself waffles for breakfast.  Only in Texas can you find them like these! On our […]