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Jul '13

Road Weary

One of the things that we knew we would not enjoy about America is how much of the time you spend on the road.  Normally, I don’t think that many people are in the car quite as much as we are.  We are usually driving each Sunday and often other days during the week.  We […]

Nov '12

Sint Maarten, Sint Maarten

Yesterday, 11 November, was Sint Maartensdag (Saint Martin’s Day).  We were told about this holiday when we first moved to The Netherlands.  Children make paper lanterns attached to a stick and go door-to-door singing songs about Saint Martin and then get candy.  When we were told about it, we thought that it was a bit […]

Oct '12

We Made It Official

On Sunday, iChurch Hoofddorp had it’s official first service.  We met at the Crowne Plaza hotel in Hoofddorp.  We are so blessed to have such great support from ICL (International Church Leiden).  Not only do they support us monthly, they also are sending people to help us.  We’ve got people helping out with greeting and […]

Oct '12

Can You Really Get Sick of the Smell of Cookies?

When we began meeting about starting iChurch Hoofddorp, we wanted to be a church that did nice things for people.  It’s such a novel idea for a church to do something for people without a hidden agenda.  Sad, right?  So, I had the idea to pass out homemade cookies to people.  I’ve found that Dutch […]

Sep '12

The Dust Has Settled

Following a move that seemed like it would never happen, we hit the ground running.  On Tuesday and Wednesday (31 July and 1 August), we moved into our house.  I first need to say a huge thank you to the people who helped us move.  We had big, heavy furniture to get out of a […]

Jul '12

A Season of Lasts and Firsts

The moving process continues.  We’ve gotten all the paperwork in to be able to rent the house that we want.  That means that we should be able to sign a contract on Monday or Tuesday.  They have people doing renovations, so we’re not able to move immediately.  We’re busy with packing and taking care of […]

Jul '12

Today, I HOPE that…

That is a question that I’d love to have an exact answer to. iChurch has been meeting twice a month in Hoofddorp.  Our next step is to move there.  So, we’ve been house hunting.  We found a house that could work for us, but it was rented before we needed to move in.  The same […]

May '12

“Would you like a homemade cookie?”

I said these words so many times that I think I’ll be saying them in my sleep.  With the help of some friends, Sarah & Rebekah Taylor, we had 250 homemade cookies ready to pass out in Hoofddorp. We got a permit from the city to be able to pass them out.  The process was […]

Apr '12

iChurch Community begins

We’ve been meeting quite a bit with our friends, Vanessa & Sietse to plan for our new church, iChurch Hoofddorp.  We’ve been going through things like the vision for our church.  We had our first meeting on Sunday, 1 April.  We decided to start by talkig about what our core values.  Mike spoke about being […]

Oct '11

Coming Soon – New Church in Hoofddorp

We feel that God is leading us to start a new church in the city of Hoofddorp. We’ll be starting it with some friends of ours, Sietse and Vanessa Houtman. We’re really excited about being used by God in this new way. If you’re wondering if we will still do children’s ministry, the answer is […]