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Dec '13

Snow Day (Ok, it’s really an ice day)

Not too long ago, someone asked Grace if she liked her American school or her Dutch school better.  At the beginning of the school year, she would’ve said her Dutch school because it’s familiar to her.  However, she’s adjusted and really likes her school and all her friends.  She quickly said, “My American school.”  When […]

Dec '12

A Southern Girl’s Views on Snow

For most of my life, I lived in south Arkansas and Texas.  The climate is about the same.  In the winter, we might have a few days that are pretty cold.  We can even get a day or two of snow each year.  If we’re honest, it’s more ice on the roads than actual snow, […]

Dec '09

Our First White Christmas

For Grace and me, this was our first white Christmas.  It started snowing on Thursday, 17 December and stayed over a week. It seemed like a lot of snow to us, but on Sunday, we had much more.  Grace was able to play in the snow before we went to church.  She even had a […]