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Feb '14

I’ve Been Everywhere, Man!

I’ve got that old Johnny Cash song going through my head this morning.  We normally travel over the weekend and some during the week as well speaking at missions services, but the last few weeks has been a little worse than normal for us. Two weekends ago, we were out in East Texas.  We clocked […]

Aug '13

Home Sweet Home

The summer is really flying by!  We were in Arkansas for three weeks.  I love being able to be with my family, and it was a treat to be able to stay with them during that time.  While we were there, we spoke at several churches and a kids camp.  From Arkansas, we went to […]

Jul '13

Memory Lane

After one last week in Arkansas with my family (and having services), we hit the road again – this time for Louisiana.  We had services in Crowville and Lake Providence on Sunday.  So, we started out on Saturday after lunch.  Heading south brought back a lot of memories for me.  Part of the drive was […]

May '09

Distance is Relative

On Saturday, we were at a birthday party for some friends’ son.  Friends there asked us where we would be on Sunday.  We answered, “Godley and Corinth.”  No one really knew where Godley was, so we kind of explained and said that it was about a 1 1/2 hour to 2 hour drive.  They asked […]

Mar '09

Monday Morning Blues

Mondays are hard for many people.  We aren’t immune to it either.  Grace is in 1st grade.  We have to make sure that she doesn’t miss school.  So, on Sunday nights, we travel home after church.  Most times it isn’t a problem.  Last night we were in Austin, Texas.  It is about a four hour […]