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Mar '15

Life with a Baby

When we came back to The Netherlands, we came with a 13-year old and a baby who was days away from being 4-months old.  The travel alone with a baby was different.  You have to realize that Grace was almost 4 when we moved here the first time.  All my experiences with a baby were […]

Nov '11

Leaves Are Falling

Things are definitely changing around here.  You can see more and more signs of autumn.  Our time changed last Sunday.  Now, when I take Grace to school, it’s not totally dark.  Unfortunately, it will be before too long since we continue to lose daylight right now.  It also gets dark much earlier.  It makes you […]

Aug '11

It’s a Dog’s Life

When we got our dog, Boomer, 5 years ago, I was unaware of a subculture here in The Netherlands.  That subculture is dog owners.  I remember walking with our puppy and having strangers come up to us talking about our dog.  Normally, people here don’t do something like that; they’re much more private. We definitely […]