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Apr '14

Easter 2014

For an itinerating missionary, it’s rare to have a service on Easter.  We were blessed because we had a pastor at a church we’ve already spoken at who asked us to come and do the children’s service for a special outreach their church was having on Easter.  We love doing things like that.  We truly want to be here in America not only to raise money so we can go back to The Netherlands, but also to bless churches when we can.

So, we did the entire service: songs, games, puppets, message, etc.  The church had a great turn out.  They really worked hard to reach out to their community.  They had breakfast for everyone before the service started and had an Easter egg hunt afterwards.  They really worked at inviting people.  The pastor told us that they normally have about 10 kids in their children’s church, but they had 55 on Sunday.  Wow!

Doing what we love doing

Doing what we love doing

Easter is a strange time for us.  It’s a huge blessing for us to be able to be in America and be with some of our family.  We really enjoyed being with some extended family on Saturday and having dinner together with Mike’s family on Sunday.  It’s also a reminder of the special services we have in The Netherlands and makes us miss our church family very much!  It’s sometimes hard to tell this to family because they think that America is our home.  Of course, if we were in The Netherlands, we would’ve had a great time with friends but missed being with family.  We really do live between two worlds!

We had to get a little something this Easter to remind us of home.

We had to get a little something this Easter to remind us of home.


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