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Apr '09

The Countdown Begins

We have been in America since May 27.  Some days it seems like we’ve been here so long.  Other days it seems like we just got here.  We’re planning on going back to The Netherlands in the first week of August.  That’s really not that long.  So, I’ve found myself going through things and deciding what I’ll take with me and what I’ll leave here.  I’ve also started a list of things I have to buy and take with me.  For example, I can get baking soda there at the pharmacist, but it’s really expensive.  That’s one thing I’m definitely taking with me.

In the time before we leave, we’re speaking at three camps and doing a kids crusade as well as trying to spend some time with our families.  Besides having a very full calendar on Sundays and Wednesdays, we’re trying to schedule dinners/times to meet with friends.  I have a feeling that these last few months are going to fly by!

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