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Jun '10

Things You Only See Here

There are some things that we see here that we now take for granted.  When we first moved here, these things would’ve been very strange, but now, they’re normal.  Here are a couple of things I’ve seen this week:

Hang up the backpack

This backpack is a symbol of graduation

With the World Cup going on, it’s normal to see plenty of orange or Dutch flags.  During this past week, we’ve started to see backpacks put out with flags.  This is only done at the end of the school year, and it’s a sign that someone in the house has graduated.  They literally hang up their backpacks.  When you drive through the city, you’re sure to see this sight.

Here is the other thing that I never thought I’d see advertised:

New herring is here!

Herring is a really big deal here.  They eat it raw & pickled.  Often, they’ll put raw onions on it.  I’ve been told that this helps it taste better.  I take people’s word for it.  I don’t like seafood, so I stay as far away from this stuff as I can.  This is the time of year that the new herring is sold.  It’s the first herring of the season.  People say that it tastes better at the beginning of the season.  They also discuss what year had the best herring.  It’s like a wine connoisseur discussing which year’s wine is best.  That’s a conversation I will never be a part of!

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